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Jump racing appeals to everyone that loves horses and has a spirit of adventure and the most satisfying way to take part in the action is to follow the fortunes of your very own racehorse.  However you may have dreamt about owning your own racehorse, but thought you couldn't afford it?  

Well with Chasing Gold your dreams will become a reality, and you will own a share in EIGHT racehorses.  PLUS members share ALL the prize money! 

Why choose Chasing Gold?  Because we are a very friendly Club and offer a really fantastic package AND give a great service - AND we have winners - but check out the facts below :


By joining our exclusive Racing Club you will be an owner of EIGHT National Hunt  racehorses trained around the UK by successful trainers - namely ...

Colin Tizzard (Dorset)                     

Harry Fry (Dorset)  

Nick Williams (Devon)    

Jamie Snowden (Berkshire)              

You can find details on their training yards under "Our Trainers", and there are two pages giving details on the Chasing Gold racehorses (see Our Horses 1 and 2) and check out all the winners - what other club offers such a good deal?

See below how the Club works - with full details on the excellent service we provide.


    Eight racehorses in training

    You pay one all-inclusive annual payment of 3,950 (or 997.50 per quarter or 332.50 per month)

    We use some of the top trainers in the UK and plan to have a racing campaign throughout the country

    You will receive a first class, personal service from Tom Chadney and his team who run Chasing Gold

    Owners Badge on racedays

    Regular updates by e-mail or text keeping you fully informed of entries, declarations & post-race reviews

    ALL prize money distributed equally between members

    Social diary with "money can't buy" events taking you behind the scenes at top racing yards

    Enjoy racing from the comfort of premium facilities at top racecourses around the country

    And, most importantly, all the fun and excitement of being an Owner

The Club was launched for the start of the 2006/7 Season and membership has steadily grown but will be limited to a group of 50 like-minded National Hunt enthusiasts so that we can maintain the exclusivity which our members really appreciate - SO JOIN NOW    

How it Works ...

We really make it great fun to be a Member of Chasing Gold and below you can see the personal service that we provide to our Members ...

    When you join Chasing Gold you receive immediate acknowledgement in writing. 

    You will also receive an enamel Chasing Gold badge.

    You will be added to our Membership List and receive all updates via either text or e-mail, whichever you prefer. 

    Updates flow thick and fast giving news on all our horses, our trainers and their yards.

    Entries for races are made five days before the race and you will be advised at that stage when each horse is entered, if not before. 

    Declarations for each race are made 24 or 48 hours before the race and once we have declared you will receive another update.

    You will be asked to let us know if you wish to attend the race meeting so that we can arrange an Owners Badge.

    Owners Badges are normally available for all members that wish to attend and are collected from the Owners & Trainers entrance. 

    Owners Badges are reserved in the member's name and they can usually buy an additional Owners Badge at a reduced rate.

    Tom Chadney is normally in attendance (he rarely misses a race) and welcomes new Members, introducing them to others. 

    Members have access to the Owners & Trainers Facilities - bar, dining room, race viewing area (obviously varies from one racecourse to another)

    Members are welcome in the pre-parade ring and paddock to meet both trainer and jockey before and after the race. 

    Following the race we re-assemble (hopefully in the Winners Enclosure) for a report from the jockey and trainer.

    A day or two later Members receive a report via either text or e-mail on the race, how the horse is and future plans.

You really will receive an excellent service, and have great fun and excitement being a Member of Chasing Gold - just see our Members' Comments page!

To join Chasing Gold, simply click here to download an application form and send it to us with your cheque for 3,950 made payable to Chasing Gold Ltd at 3 The Chase, Churt, Surrey GU10 2PU.  Alternatively, you can pay direct to our bank account via online banking - contact us for details.

If you wish to take advantage of our quarterly or monthly instalment facility just request the appropriate Standing Order form.

Chasing Gold is run by Tom Chadney and you can contact Tom on 07831 786090 or via e-mail at tchadney@chasinggold.co.uk